What is an initial consultation?

We begin your landscape maintenance experience with a free initial consultation. Jim will visit your property, listen to your landscaping needs, take photos, and create an action plan that meets your expectations and budget. The Action Plan, or Maintenance Proposal, will be emailed or mailed, usually within 3 business days. The proposal will reference the details of the maintenance service to be provided. Ongoing service is scheduled upon acceptance of the proposal, and service dates for the upcoming year are plotted. To schedule an initial consultation, call us at (520) 907-9082, or email us.

How long does an initial consultation take?

Although the time will vary depending on the size and magnitude of the property, most consultations are take about 30 minutes and usually occur within one week of the initial contact.

What is a maintenance proposal?

A maintenance proposal is a  written estimate which specifies the scope of work, frequency of service (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or seasonally) and the cost of service. The proposal is mailed or emailed, usually within 3 business days. Upon your approval, the proposal becomes an agreement and your ongoing maintenance service is scheduled.

Do you require term contracts?

Our goal is to earn your business by performing quality landscape services with integrity and respect. We do not require a signed term contract. We operate on your emailed acceptance of the Maintenance Proposal, which becomes an Agreement between you and Jim’s Landscape Service, LLC upon the initiation of service. We  emphasize communication between parties, via phone or email, to address any questions or concerns regarding service/payment.

Do I need to be home when my property is serviced?

No, it is not necessary for you to be present during the service of your property. In fact, most of our clients are not present at the time of service and many do not reside at the property full-time. Upon acceptance of the Maintenance Proposal, we will make note of any necessary information regarding access to your property. There are often gate or security codes, which are kept in strict confidence. Additionally, if you know you won’t be home when your service is scheduled, and have something specific to be addressed, please send us an email or give us a call at (520) 907-9082.

How often should my property need be serviced?

Frequency varies with the scope of maintenance. Landscapes with a lawn generally require weekly maintenance. Landscapes  of primarily of desert plants can be serviced monthly. Many of our clients select bi-monthly service because it ensures a tidy and manicured appearance. Frequency is discussed during the initial consultation and specified in the maintenance proposal.

What if I need a service in-between my regularly scheduled intervals?

Occasionally clients request an ‘in-between’ visit because of irrigation problems, storm damage, or a special event coming up. An in-between visit is billed according to labor and materials and added to the monthly invoice.

What is a winter lawn and do I need one?

In the desert, summer lawns go dormant for the winter. When a lawn goes dormant, the vegetation above ground becomes dry and brittle. Having a lush green lawn during the winter requires seeding a ‘winter lawn’. When the temperatures start to drop, watering of the summer lawn is reduced. The lawn is then over-seeded; within 10 days, a lush new lawn begins to grow and beautify the landscape throughout the winter months. In spring, as the weather warms, the summer grass begins to grow again.

What if I am out of town for extended periods of time?

Many of our customers do not reside on their property full time. We frequently work with realtors, landlords and property managers to maintain investment properties.   We offer responsive email and phone contact as well as e-bills. Upon request we can also email digital photos of completed work or issues of concern –like an uprooted tree — to our our clients.

What if I have a lock on my gate, or live in a gated community?

Upon acceptance of the maintenance proposal, we will ask you for a key, lock combination or security codes in order to obtain access to your property. Please remember we value your security and privacy and this information is protected and never shared outside the company.

Do my dogs need to be inside when you are servicing my property?

We recommend for your pet’s safety, and the safety of our technicians, that your pets be secured from the landscaped area at the time of service.

Do your remove pet waste?

We are not able to carry pet waste in our trucks. We ask, and appreciate, that pet waste be removed before your landscape service date.