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We are happy to have this opportunity to tell you about our Passion for creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes, our Mission to provide excellent service, our Goal to do our work with integrity and respect for our clients — enhancing every property we visit.

Bring LED Light to Your Nightscape!

You’ve converted your home to LED lamps, now it’s time to convert your landscape lighting to LED. Most halogen or incandescent landscape lighting fixtures can easily be converted to LED.

Here are three great reasons to make the move to LED

EFFICIENCY! LEDs use up to 75% less energy, sometimes more! A 4.5 watt LED lamp will cost about $2.19 per year to operate, an equivalent 20-watt halogen lamp will cost about $8.76 per year to operate (based on $0.12/KWh and 3650 hours of operation).

LONGER BULB LIFE! 40,000 hrs+ burn time, is a typical rating for LED lamps, you may not replace a lamp for 13, or more, years! Halogens are rated at 2000-5000 hours of burn time, so you’re replacing lamps every year or two.

ADD MORE LIGHTS! A 300-watt transformer will support about (13) 20w halogen fixtures. That same 300-watt transformer will support up to (57) 4.5w LED fixtures!(depending on cable runs and voltage drop calculations).

Jim’s Landscape Service DBA Tucson Landscape Lighting specializes in turning your clunky old lighting system into a high-efficiency LED system that will give you years of hassle-free service. Our LED re-lamp service includes installation of commercial grade LED lamps, cleaning of fixtures and lenses, straightening and re-aiming fixtures, assuring fixtures and connections are water tight and relocating fixtures if necessary.

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Out Motto

Whether your landscape is simple or elaborate, maintenance is the key to beauty.

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Our History

We established Jim’s Landscape service in January of 1996 as a way of turning our passion into our livelihood. With just six accounts, we began offering the same kind of property care we loved to do at our own home.

Our business grew as satisfied customers referred us to family, friends, and neighbors. Steadily, we mastered skills, acquired equipment, and hired staff, while building relationships with clients and vendors.

Today, we provide residential & commercial landscape maintenance, irrigation, & landscape lighting services to homeowners, property mangers, realtors, & part-time residents.

We work hard to develop lasting relationships with our clients through responsive communication, quality service, fair pricing and attention to detail.