“Whether your landscape is simple or elaborate, maintenance is the key to beauty.” — Becky Neville,  Jim’s Landscape Service

Trimming and Pruning Light trimming of tress and shrubs to maintain a tidy appearance is included in a basic maintenance service. A homeowner often has specific taste regarding the care and trimming of their trees and shrubs; we strive to follow any specific instructions you many have. Other homeowners prefer to leave the details to us and simply come home to a tidy landscape, in which case our team of experienced landscapers can achieve this goal.
Weed Control  We combine manual removal methods with chemical spot treatments, as needed, during maintenance visits to keep your landscape looking it’s best.
Lawn Care Basic maintenance includes mowing and edging. For additional lawn care services, click here.
General Cleaning Basic maintenance includes raking and smoothing decorative rock. This keeps the property looking “crisp” and tidy. In addition, we remove dirt, leaves, seed pods, and debris from the landscaped areas, patios, walks and driveways.
Irrigation Basic maintenance includes regular irrigation and sprinkler system checks to ensure the irrigation timer is working properly and functioning according to the needs of your landscape. We also make any necessary seasonal adjustments.
Please note: an initial clean-up may be required to prepare your property for regular maintenance. This cost will be noted in the maintenance proposal. Cost approval for any unforeseen issues such as irrigation repair, storm damage, plant installation/removal, will be confirmed via phone, mail or email prior to completing the task.
Residential landscape maintenance plans are available for personal residences, winter or part time residences, rental and investment properties.
To facilitate your budgeting needs, we offer “flat fee” monthly billing. A free initial consultation begins your landscape maintenance service.
A landscape may require additional services and repairs throughout the year. These services may include irrigation repairs, specialized lawn care, lawn and plant fertilization, pre-emergent treatments, annual flower installation, heavy pruning of shrubs or trees, tree staking, winter lawn seeding,  and frost protection covers.
Time and date stamped photos are available to you upon request.
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