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Decorative rock creates a bold design statement and reduces dirt and dust in and around your home.


Proper installation of decorative rock is more involved than just spreading gravel. Preparation of ground, slope, thickness of application, and care for existing plantings and irrigation emitters are critical to the desired outcome.
Maintenance In order for  decorative landscape rock  to retain a “crisp” appearance, it needs to be raked and smoothed on a regular basis. Decorative rock tends to slide on slopes and hills and needs to be moved back to its original location. This service is provided with our general landscape maintenance.
Refresh Over time decorative rock thins as a result of migration into the soil, and removal during the maintenance process. We will show you a sample of the rock before refreshing.


Hand-removal Hand removal of weeds is performed as part of our general landscape maintenance service, and is usually sufficient for occasional weeds.
Spot-treatments Stubborn weeds, or small weeds covering a large area, will need spot chemical treatment, which has a response time of 24-48 hours, and it is highly effective. Upon request, we can add an colorant to identify sprayed areas.
Pre-emergent Pre-emergent is a liquid product that creates a barrier in the top layer of soil and “kills” the weed as it pushes through. Pre-emergent is less effective in areas with heavy traffic.


A clean-up is is necessary when a property is overrun by weeds and overgrowth. A clean-up includes weed control, pruning, trimming, raking, blowing and landscape debris removal.
Initial Clean-Up An initial property clean-up is recommended and is often necessary before  landscape maintenance service begins.
One-Time Clean-Up One-time property clean-ups are usually requested for real estate or investment properties. These can be performed without the attachment to a regular maintenance service. We can bundle quarterly clean-ups into a package, or perform them “as needed”.


Summer monsoons can bring heavy wind and rain. This can result in damaged plants, uprooted trees or debris blown into your yard. If your property requires repairs or removal of storm-related damage, call us at (520) 907-9082 or email us immediately.
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