Lawn & Plants

“Everyone enjoys the look of nice healthy lawns…but did you know that on a hot summer day in Tucson your lawn will be around 30° cooler than the surrounding asphalt or ground?”— Jim Neville, Jim’s Landscape Service

Lawn Installation We specialize in installing winter rye-grass lawns for customers who like a lush green lawn throughout the winter. We can also design and install a new lawn with premium sod developed specifically for the Tucson climate.
Lawn Maintenance Turf requirements vary depending on variety, soil condition, sunlight conditions, water and fertilizer usage. If necessary, we can provide soil sample analysis, which aides in determining specific lawn care needs. We design pro-active plans to keep lawns looking their best.
Lawn Repair Occasionally other services are required to return your lawn to a state of health. These include weed control, grub control, aerification, and thatch removal. Sprinkler system repair is also available.

Additional Lawn Services

Weed Control Eliminating weeds is essential to the health of your lawn. Hand removal and spot treatments are the most effective method of eliminating weeds from your lawn.
Grub Control Grubs are subterranean pests that eat the roots of your lawn and plants, particularly during July and August. Plants and lawns with grub infestations can appear to be suffering from a lack of water. Systemic pesticides (chemicals absorbed into the system of a plant) are the most effective treatment. For more information on systemic pesticides, click here.
Aerification Aerification is a process that removes plugs, or “cores”, from your lawn so that water and nutrients are better able to reach the root zone. This can be included  as part of a customized maintenance plan, or added as an additional service. For more information on aerification, click here.
Thatch Removal Thatch occurs when old and dead organic material builds up in your lawn. Thatch prevents water and nutrients from reaching the “root zone”, much like a thatched roof keeps the rain out. Thatch is removed using a process that tears the thatch from the turf and then raked up. For more information on thatch, click here.


“If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.”— English proverb

Plants bring life to your  landscape. Investing in trees, shrubs, flowers and groundcovers can enhance the beauty and value of your property.
 Installation Planting trees, shrubs and flowers requires specific knowledge of plant selection, soil preparation, and proper spacing to account for future growth.
Trimming and Shaping Trees and shrubs are trimmed for various reasons. Most often they are trimmed for clearance, views, and appearance. We understand that personal preference is a factor in trimming. Some clients request a tight, manicured look, others choose a “natural” appearance.
Heavy Pruning Occasionally, trees, hedges, and large shrubs need pruning beyond the scope of regular maintenance. We can advise you about the need for these services.
Fertilization Some plants require regular fertilization to maintain their health and look their best. We can advise you on whether and when this is necessary for your plants.
 Removal and Replacement We provide removal and/or replacement of unwanted, or damaged plants that are unhealthy beyond repair. We also provide stump removal.
Frost Protection Covers Sensitive plants can be damaged when Tucson temperatures fall below 32°. We can advise about which plants are most sensitive and how they can be protected.
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