“Plants are the heart of your landscape and the irrigation system is the brain that makes it all work.”— Jim Neville, Jim’s Landscape Service

Efficient irrigation is key to protecting your landscape investment, especially in our dry Tucson climate. A professionally designed, installed, and maintained irrigation system will ensure proper water distribution.
Irrigation Installation We offer complete design and installation of irrigation systems, providing many years of reliable water-saving service. If your system is just in need of an upgrade, we can provide professional advice that can save you money.
Irrigation Maintenance As with all mechanical devices, irrigation systems require periodic maintenance. Regular inspection of the controllers, wiring, emitters, sprayers and piping is generally included in our landscape maintenance service. If you care for your own landscape, we offer an irrigation-only service package.
Irrigation Repair/Upgrade Irrigation systems will require occasional repairs or upgrades. Malfunctioning clocks, broken or plugged emitters, misaimed sprayers, leaks, and wiring short-circuits are all common occurrences; we are trained to solve these problems.
Emergency Service Visit Occasionally, an irrigation system may malfunction and require immediate troubleshooting assistance. Clients may call us at (520) 907-9082; we are available after hours to assist in such a case. Oftentimes, we can explain to a homeowner how to disable to system and avoid an emergency service visit.
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