You will need: One quart finished 1st ferment kombucha starter tea. (Our favorite kombucha ferment is made from 2 Organically Hip Hibiscus tea bags and 2 Paul Newman’s Organic Black tea bags to ½ cup sugar and ½ cup starter and ½ gallon filtered, de-chlorinated water, and one SCOBY.)  If you don’t have starter tea and a SCOBY, you can ask a friend or buy online.

Recipe: Decant 32 ounces of starter tea to a fermenting vessel of choice. (It must be able to tightly seal out air). We often use quality glass juice bottles.  Add 1 teaspoon quality cinnamon (We use 4 Ceylon Cinnamon capsules).  Peel and add 2 fresh mandarin oranges.  Ferment for at least 2 days, Chill, strain, and enjoy!